How to Turn Dating Agony Into Sales Success

If you are in business you know that selling is an essential, if not the most important part of a business, it is how you earn revenue. The challenge is that selling is imagined to be the hardest thing, but the truth is that like any other skill, it too can be learned. Look at it as an art of seduction or the dating process. The same premise applies to sales. Selling is a journey, a process that requires you to prepare before approaching a customer. Similar to dating, you have to work on your confidence which is one important key to success, as it allows you to bravely approach your target. Confidence comes from understanding your strengths, if you are funny, charming, or a good listener- leverage this. Ask questions, not with the aim of selling, but with the aim of understanding, let them share their problems so that you can give them value; even if it is just advice. This is essential because when they are ready to buy, you will be top of mind.

Enterprise Sales Is like Dating

I’ve always thought that sales and dating are uncannily similar. At an obvious level, they are both about making connections and convincing the other person to enter into a relationship with you. However, more interestingly, if you extend the analogy, your method or technique for finding partners both when you are dating and selling is significantly impacted by your intended outcome. If you are looking for a lot of superficial relationships, then fishing in a big pond, generating lots of leads and playing the numbers game is a good idea.

However, on the whole, I’d argue that is not good salesmanship.

Why I believe that Social Selling is like Dating? It was the year I was working as an HR manager at a steel galvanizing plant. I had a position of a Sales.

Written By: Jill Harrington 8, From blind dates to marriage, here are six lessons from the dating scene that will improve your sales results. Many of my friends and clients are back on the dating circuit for the second, third, even fifth time! As I listen to their various match-making hits and misses my brain intuitively makes comparisons to the selling process. The parallels are noteworthy.

A good friend is back on the dating scene for the first time in 16 years.

5 Lessons Sales Can Learn from Dating

This community exists to provide everything you need to know about sales from lead generation to closing the deal. The goal of this sub is to promote communication. We have listed below a list of very helpful resources that might assist you in better understanding the workings of this sub, as well as other resources regarding tips and tricks on hoaning in on more of your skills as salesperson.

People tend to make pretty similar mistakes time and time again for a product comes down to marketing and sales alignment as one team.

Think about how you look and present to people, do you sound confident and comfortable about what your company does. Confidence is a great sales tool because when you present your information confidently, other person i smuch more likely to believe and trust you. Normally you start by asking them a question about themselves. Anyway the point of this opening question is to get them talking about themselves so that you can learn more about them and their business and engage them in conversation.

So share something about yourself and your company, something that relates to your target and what they have been saying. Once you have opened up and shared something about yourself, the other person will be more likely to do the same. This is called the law of reciprocity.

Kelly McCormick’s Business Tips

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics , in , approximately Cashiers and sales people were the most common position in the economy, representing approximately 6 percent of the work force. In other words, we live in a world where selling is second nature to us and the principles of doing it proficiently can be applied to real life situations. In the sales world, you are coached around many universal skills that ultimately create the best experience possible for the customer while still being profitable for the business.

This book is a funny, easy read a must for any sales professional! Fun and entertaining with tips that any one can relate to. Selling is exactly like dating, you will.

The sales world can be a lot like the dating world. Sales, like dating, takes insight, skill and discretion to know when your customer is truly interested or not. On a recent trip back from New Jersey, I had a sales conversation with two men in the airport and one of them boldly stated that sales are no different than dating. Your potential customers may play some of the same games that are present in the dating world. Will they agree to a second meeting?

Will they return your calls? Will they tell you the truth? Will they be honest about their selection process? Will they agree to take the next step?

Why Marketing is just like Dating

Not convinced? So hear me out and consider how these four areas that make for a killer salesperson can be, well, absolute relationship killers. An AE on my team just won a great partnership, and the client emailed me to let me know that the key factors were salesmanship, follow up, responsiveness, and drive to win the business.

5 ways to tell if customers are leading you on. The sales world can be a lot like the dating world. Sales, like dating, takes insight, skill and discretion to know.

Aside from in movies, how often do people fall in love for the very first time and commit to a long lasting, happily ever after relationship? People date, get a feel for the other person, stick around for a while if things are going good, and get out quick if not. There are ups and downs. Nothing is easy and surefire. All of the above can relate to your CRM.

If a potential client is looking for something you cannot offer, do not string them along with false promises, tricks or lies. You will eventually get caught, lose that customer and possibly get a bad reputation. Send out newsletters or create a blog to address frequently mentioned concerns. Answer the phones politely and return your messages.

These are all just examples. There are so many ways to make sure your customers are heard and acknowledged. Try not to take it personally. There are millions of people in this world.

5 Ways Your Sales Skills Will Help You Succeed In The Dating World

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Keeping these things in mind, applying my sales process to the dating process can help avoid this dilemma. It looks something like this: LEADS Let’s use me as​.

Philip Hook. These are hard times for the art market. They do. If anything, the boredom and inertia of lockdown has made the very rich feel even more acquisitive, and art seem even more desirable, as they sit drumming fingers in the unaccustomed confinement of their gilded cages. The major auction houses talk bravely about conspicuous increases in their online sales in recent weeks, and there is no doubt that one of the consequences of the lockdown will be a huge boost to online business in the art market.

But once again, the higher up the market you go, the less confidence there is in online sales, particularly now when coronavirus restrictions mean there is no chance of seeing the work you are bidding on in the flesh. What is the maximum price people are prepared to pay for art, based only on a digital image? One thing that even the most optimistic auction house executive has to admit is that you cannot hold an online-only sale of top Modern or contemporary works, still less Old Masters. Why not?

Because successful sales of major works of art still need three different presences in the same room. The original, examinable work; the prospective buyer; and the dealer, adviser or auction house expert to explain, weave the fantasy, and persuade. Buying great art is an extraordinarily personal process, a bit like falling in love.

What will get the top end of the market rolling again?

7 Ways Sales Should Be Like Dating

Not that we would know anything about the ice cream…. So why do you keep paying for vinegar content for your business when it comes to content marketing? Knowing your audience and creating custom content that targets them and meets their needs specifically makes the world of a difference for your audience.

They say love knows no limits, but there are definitely some limits. A lot like relationships, communication is the key to both short and long term success, and coming together for marketing and sales alignment to create a mutual understanding when it comes to messaging, benefits, and the best ways to market a product comes down to marketing and sales alignment as one team.

In the digital age, sales often means selling at a distance and at scale using email, messaging and other remote communication methods, just like online dating.

So how can you change this? Well for a start you need to warm your leads up and make them want you! Selling is like dating. Been a while, since your last date? Are they the right person for you? Are you a fit for them? This way, they only need to talk to people that they know like them back or have similar likes and interests. Much in the same way you look for a sale.

So, in the huge, wide world, there are millions of companies but how do you find the companies which need what you are selling? Linkedin is always a good place to start by searching for companies or people who work in certain industries or have a certain job title, to narrow down your search. Both companies have huge databases that extract information from elsewhere, copy them into useful data fields and store it in a database.

8 Ways Sales Is Just Like Dating (Without the Kissing)

From the initial pickup line to nurturing a long-term relationship, sales and dating really do have a lot more in common than you might think. No swiping required! Sales, like dating, is a numbers game.

You need to treat selling like you’re getting ready to meet your true love. Check out our little black book of tips and see why selling is like dating.

Is selling software at the enterprise level like this …. I want to begin by acknowledging that I am not a salesperson. However, I have run the analytics team for two companies where analytics is the main value proposition. That has put me on the front lines and has allowed me to participate in hundreds of sales calls and to deliver more demos than I care to admit.

The dating analogy has applied to countless situations with prospective clients over the course of my five-plus years selling software. For example, I remember a client several years ago where we had engaged in an extended pilot which felt like dating over the span of several months , but then we quoted them a price for full deployment and they balked like suggesting that we stay in and watch sports every weekend.

In the course of negotiations, they actually suggested that they start to look at other vendors not unlike suggesting that we date other people. In the end, we were able to compromise on a price that made sense for both parties and were able to enter into an exclusive relationship. In broader terms, let me break down the distinct sales stages that closely resemble the courting process.

What It’s Like Dating Someone Who’s More Attractive Than You [Intimacy Issues]

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